MEC2, An RTS mod for C&C Tiberium Wars.

Mideast Crisis 2 is a near future strategy combat game mod for C&C3, sponsored by ISOTX 2008 Isotx, Inc. I worked as a freelance artist for MEC2, drawing concepts, modeling and texturing unit assets.

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ASYLUM, An RTS mod for C&C Tiberium Wars.

My role in ASYLUM is lead 3D Artist, where I design, model and texture art assets for the mod. I also do some occasional xml editing scripting levels and animations for art assets. I was responsible for creating the texture style for all the units and structures for both factions.

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Tony Indindoli

I have a BS in Industrial Design from SJSU in California, and started my career in the ID consulting business. I am now pursuing interactive design and 3D game art.

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